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Montana Surf Academy Program



♦ Fall Youth Academy Program  

(birth years 2014-2010)

The Montana Surf Fall 2021 Youth Academy Program focuses on individual technical skill and personal development, while beginning to introduce tactical concepts to our athletes.

The Youth Academy program provides a high level of professional coaching and is designed to take advantage of the Golden Age of Skill Development, while gradually increasing competitiveness by introducing games against nearby clubs.  The goals of the program include player development, fun and minimization of costs. Players in the Montana Surf Youth Academy can expect to travel 5-7 out of the 12  weekends, and to play nearby on the remaining weekends. We typically do not travel further than Helena, Billings, Great Falls, or Missoula for Saturday games, with optional tournaments being the exception.

League Play: Montana Surf Youth Academy participants with birth years 2011-2009 will participate in the Montana State Youth Soccer (MYSA) fall season. MYSA will be responsible for scheduling league games throughout the state.

Friendly Play: Montana Surf Youth Academy participants with birth years 2014-2012 will play in weekly friendlies throughout Helena, Great Falls, Missoula, Billings, and Bozeman during the fall Season.


Registration DeadlineAugust 10th, 2021

Cost* $500.00


Birth Years 2014-2010-  $500.00 + $60.00 club fee.

*All participants must register as a Montana Surf club member and pay the $60.00 annual club fee. The annual club fee is good from September 1st, 2021 to August 31st, 2022 and is in addition to the Youth Academy registration fee. Please click on the link provided to register for the club fee: Club Fee


NOTE: The Bozeman Sports Park fee is included in the $500.00 fall registration.  For more information about The Bozeman Sports Park foundation's fee structure please go to


Team Formation:

Montana Surf Youth Academy teams formation for 2021 Fall season will continue to be pool group team formation.  Teams will be tiered for some events and evenly split for other events during the season. Coaches will evaluate fall schedules with Joel Harris (MT Surf Academy Technical Director) to determine what will best promote player development throughout the

Training Location:

Montana Surf Youth Academy weekday training for all age groups will be at either The Bozeman Sports Park or Adam Bronken Sports Complex.  Both complexes are operated by the Bozeman Sports Park Foundation.


All players will participate in the Yellowstone Kick-off Classic (YKC) in Bozeman, Montana on Sept 3rd-5th; YKC fees are included in your player registration.  All other tournaments are now optional and are not included in your registration costs.


Payment Plan Option:

Montana Surf offers a 3-month payment plan prior to the season starting; payment dates as specified below. A $10.00 fee is assessed if you choose to do the payment plan. 

2020 / 2021 Fall Season Payment Plan:

First Payment (1/3) is due at time of registration

Second payment (2/3) is due 7/31/2021

Third payment  (3/3) is due 8/31/2021


Scholarship applications are available on the Montana Surf website, under Programs.


Academy uniforms may be purchased at Play it Again Sports in Bozeman for approximately $37.00.


[ Please note we have gone to a new platform for registration this year. Please click on button below]


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